No Regrets

Why use a Realtor, you may ask. After all, you know your property the best; you are internet savvy; paperwork has never scared you off. Well, you may want to look a little closer at what a Realtor can provide you.

As a Seller, you need to be aware of what expectations you are creating with your words or shared information. Clearly stated facts can get lost in stressed-upon details, and you could be held liable for a promise you didn’t know you made. Is your water really the best? Do you have tests to back up that promise? That is just one example of a message you may be giving.

You will also face bearing all the time commitments of showing the home. This can be emotionally trying, as people tend to pick apart a house – even in front of the owner. And as you are emotionally engaged, you may not negotiate as objectively as needed, resulting in a lower price for your home.

One can’t forget the paperwork. There is a lot of it.   And with paperwork comes details that can get overlooked. Are you clear on Fixtures versus Chattels? Have you identified every item included or excluded? This simple oversight could result in a small claims filing against you.

From a Buyer’s perspective, you need to be aware that a private seller is not obligated by professional standards to clearly disclose details about the property. Misrepresentation is only a few well chosen words away from the truth. Mosquito infested swamp may be prettily dressed up as wetlands. There are legal implications behind misrepresentation that a Realtor can steer you away from.

Yes, there are costs involved for sellers engaging a professional Realtor. But whether buying or selling, a Realtor will look out for your interests, provide professional guidance, and ensure that you are neither selling nor buying ocean-front property in Alberta.