Pre-approval – why bother? You should.

Real estate is changing – federally, provincially, locally. Whether due to mortgage qualification changes or the competitive market, knowing where you stand before you begin shopping for the house is not only an excellent idea, but one that puts you in a stronger position. Make changes. Do you know your credit score? Regardless of how […]

The New Face of Real Estate

June 15th marked the latest round of legislated changes for real estate practices in BC.  What can you as the consumer expect? Clearer Disclosures Realtors are required by law to provide you with disclosures around what type of representation they are providing you – are you their client or not, as well as what it […]

Closing Costs Explained

When purchasing a home, you are faced with expenses known as closing costs. Some of these items are more obvious than others, such as lawyer or notary fees or inspection costs. But are you familiar with other costs that you will need to budget for? Title Insurance – simply put, this is an insurance policy […]

Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Marketing your home during the winter has its own set of considerations, but when this coincides with a major holiday event, stress levels can soar. But there is no need to turn into a Scrooge, as a few simple strategies can help show your home well and keep your tinsel untangled. Bring on the lights […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Winter has arrived. Nobody wants to move when they have to trudge through the snow and shovel their way in to unload furniture. Don’t be so sure about that. With fewer properties on the market, your home can stand out to buyers and be positioned for a quick sale. Fewer listings means less competition. From […]

The Millennial House Hunt

Our world is changing. And everyone knows that what was once a typical house hunting experience is no more. Construction trends have changed. Interest rates have held at an affordable low for some time. Information is just a click away. And lifestyle options have broadened. If you are of the millennial generation, there are some […]

No Regrets

Why use a Realtor, you may ask. After all, you know your property the best; you are internet savvy; paperwork has never scared you off. Well, you may want to look a little closer at what a Realtor can provide you. As a Seller, you need to be aware of what expectations you are creating […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! I look forward to sharing new and exciting updates about the Real Estate Market and what is happening around town! Stay tuned for new posts coming soon!