The Millennial House Hunt

Our world is changing. And everyone knows that what was once a typical house hunting experience is no more. Construction trends have changed. Interest rates have held at an affordable low for some time. Information is just a click away. And lifestyle options have broadened. If you are of the millennial generation, there are some things to consider that may put that first home within a much easier reach.


Getting Your Foot in The Door

Even if you face student loans and very little savings, you may find a mortgage payment more affordable than renting. And with first-time home buyer incentives, such as 5% down, the keys to your new home may be closer than you think.


Never Fly Solo

In this day and age, if a home is on the market, you can find it online. With such easy access to property information, you may think that you know all you need to know to make that offer. Don’t be so quick to go it alone. With inside knowledge of the market and a strong understanding of contracts and pitfalls, real estate agents know what to do when a potential issue pops up. They are also a good counter-balance to the highly emotional decisions often encountered when buying a home.


Just Breathe

It is easy to feel pressured when the market is hot or when you are buried under information overload, but you will thank yourself for taking the time to research your options. Don’t hesitate to view a few properties to get a feel of things. You may be surprised at how “must haves” become less or more important when you see them in reality. Use your Realtor to discuss your impressions. At the end of the day, you’ll have a home you are happy with and will have likely avoided the dreaded buyer’s remorse.


Ultimately, remember that this is your house hunt. It is a personalized experience. A professional realtor can help you nail down the details and make this all about your dreams. Why not speak with one today?