Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Marketing your home during the winter has its own set of considerations, but when this coincides with a major holiday event, stress levels can soar. But there is no need to turn into a Scrooge, as a few simple strategies can help show your home well and keep your tinsel untangled.

Bring on the lights – lightly

Don’t shy away from decorating your home. While decluttering is an emphasized term in real estate, the Christmas season does typically involve a little extra flair. So go for some glitter and glam, just don’t over-deck the halls. Keep your decorations to a reasonable amount. And try not to have the life-size Santa waiting at the door for a startling entry.

Keep it cozy and bright

Winter is chilly and too often gloomy. Make sure buyers find your home the warm haven they are looking for. Lighting is just as important as temperature, so be sure to leave a light on at the door and throw a log on the hearth. Literally or figuratively, you want buyers to enter your home and feel like there is no place they’d rather be than curled up by YOUR fireplace.

The holly and the ivy     

Outside is just as important as inside. Curb appeal can be difficult when faced with snow banks and slush, but a little winterscaping can go a long way. Whether a festive wreath on the door, cedar boughs, or some landscape lighting, your home can be a holiday showstopper that tells a buyer that they have found their location, location, location. Avoid the light-up competition set to music idea, but don’t fear the mistletoe.

Relax – it’s not forever

Ultimately the most important thing is to not overthink the pressure. The holiday season will soon be over. Stick to simple strategies for keeping things tidy, making your home inviting, and keeping your blood pressure down and you’ll get through the season just fine. Talk to your real estate professional if feeling stressed and they’ll help you ski through the season.

And as a pet owner, I cannot end this column without including a note about your furry family. They too are stressed by the comings and goings of holiday home buyers. Keep in mind that twinkling lights and trays of chocolates might entice a buyer but can pose risks for your pets.   Be mindful of the holiday treats, such as chocolates and nuts, that can be harmful to their health. Find the holiday pet sitter that can take them during viewings, so that they aren’t upset with strangers in their home. They too need a little TLC to help them through the holiday season.

Happy holidays, everyone. May your season be bright.